A Day In The Life

A Kiddiwinks we have three rooms each with its own specialist equipment and quality resources for that age group.

  • Kindergarten: birth to 18/24 months known as the ‘Little Ladybirds’
  • Toddlers: 18/24 months to 2/3 years known as the ‘Busy Bees’
  • Pre-School: 3 – school age known as the ‘Dragonflies’

These rooms, along with the communal areas, create a wealth of opportunities to explore construction, practice motor skills, role play, enjoy soft play, dance and listen to music, with resources ranging from computers to plant life. This diversity means the children become confident enough to take on new challenges.

Explore, dream, discover Outdoor play areas are crucial for your child’s development: learning skills in coordination, imaginative play, and building strong friendships. Kiddiwinks has made significant investment at both of our centres, because we believe in the value of play. Your child’s happiness, development, and health are dependent on it. Both centres offer an outstanding landscape with a number of activity zones.

The free-flow design offers simultaneous access from the inside – out, making outdoor play an integral part of the children’s daily routine. On warm days, we take the children outside to enjoy books, chalking, drawing, painting, small world play etc. We ensure that the children have limitless opportunities for uninhibited play in an environment where they can find joy and confidence, without fear of failure. Please view the gallery to take a look at our outdoor facilities.

Kiddiwinks holds the Gold Award for Smiling for Life. This is a policy of providing both healthy food and drink to our children every day. Parents can have absolute confidence that the food at Kiddiwinks meets regulatory and nutritional guidelines, helping each child thrive throughout their life at The Nursery. Read our Food & Nutrition promise.

Healthy eating at Kiddiwinks is part of your child’s daily routine. We believe that teaching them good eating habits will improve their energy, concentration and behaviour, which is why we also take guidance from the Food Standards Agency to ensure safe food for healthy children.

The children at Kiddiwinks also enjoy regular baking days. They prepare the food, smell it, and feel the textures. When it’s baked, they share, and delight in their proud creations. Kiddiwinks cater for a range of diets including vegetarian, Halal and Kosher alongside children who have a food intolerance or allergy. We kindly request that children do not bring chocolate, sweets or drinks into nursery – what may seem like a harmless treat for your child may be very dangerous to another.


The children at Kiddiwinks enjoy regular baking days. They prepare the food, smell it, and feel the textures. When it’s baked, they share, and delight in their proud creations.


  • Our catering team has Level 2 Food & Hygiene qualifications
  • We have gained Smiling for Life Accreditation every year since new management in 2004
  • All our food is freshly prepared on-site


  • 8.30am Snack – fruit or toast
  • 11.30am Lunch – hot meal and pudding or fresh fruit
  • 3.00pm Snack – home bake, fruit, or sandwiches


Menus are displayed on the notice board in reception.

Since taking over in 2004, owner Claire Fox has built Kiddiwinks’ excellent reputation for its play-based curriculum. Our combination of free play and structured learning has created a rich, enabling environment which satisfies every child’s natural curiosity. So whether it’s a pirate adventure, or a princess’ palace, your child will revel in their own land of discovery.

Our curriculum is underpinned by the Early Years Foundation Stage. It promotes the development of children by addressing key areas centred on play-based learning and is supported by building positive relationships. We offer a tailored learning environment with distinct focus and age-appropriate objectives for each Childcare Group. The team at Kiddiwinks plan structured activities ranging from circle talk time and music sessions alongside opportunities for spontaneous learning and free play. It is a framework of education that inspires and sustains the children’s enthusiasm for learning.


Our Forest School will enhance every area of the curriculum by improving initiative, co-operation, motivation and self-esteem, all within a safe natural environment. Children are encouraged to explore and investigate, working together, whether bug hunting, den making or simply playing alongside nature.


Kiddiwinks offer swimming lessons in conjunction with Johnsons Swimming School of Darwen. Johnsons have been teaching children to swim for many years in an intimate and safe environment. The Children are transported free of charge, however there is an additional charge for the lesson. Children will be happy and confident in the water and will progress at their own pace.


We were keen to introduce languages to our children and got our parents involved in selecting the language via a Facebook poll. Overwhelmingly Spanish won and since that poll in 2015 the children have weekly Spanish interactions with our wonderful native Spanish teacher.


Visiting each setting once a week the Petite Acting Academy use music and drama to nurture confidence and communication skills. the focus is on creative play, allowing our budding actors and actresses to build their spirit and self-esteem in our safe and familiar surroundings.


We are an accredited Jittabugs centre using specially recorded music and lesson plans, we offer sign language, play, communication and movement programmes. The sessions are stimulating and educational for children between 3 months and 5 years of age.


Our weekly book pack scheme gives the children the opportunity to take away age appropriate books along with a nursery rhyme sheet to share with parents. This helps the children’s language and literacy development through a growing love for books.


They enjoy visiting the children over the weekend along with their diaries.