Welcome to Kiddiwinks

At Kiddiwinks children’s nursery our ethos is simple – to provide an environment which ensures the very best conditions for your child’s on-going educational, physical and social development.

We focus on providing a happy and friendly environment in which your child can reach their full potential, with lots of praise and hugs along the way! We’re committed to the individual care of children, as we understand that each and every child is different.

We recognise that early experiences lay the foundation to your child’s self-esteem, interaction and motivation.

Our Rooms


From birth babies are given new experiences according to their individual needs. At such a young age babies learn through their senses – sound, smell, sight and touch. Physical contact, singing, talking and playing games with your child are all enjoyable but important activities. Also, encouraging physical skills for crawling, standing and walking are vital. Enjoying early games such as peek-a-boo, clapping and finding objects will all be part of your child’s daily play activities. There are also opportunities for one-to-one interaction with staff and other children. Weather permitting your child will spend a little time each day playing outside.

In our baby rooms we aim to follow your child’s own routine with regards to feeding and sleeping. This helps your child to form a trusting and confident relationship with their carer. There is a designated area for sleeping. Each baby has their own cot and clean bedding is used for each child. A detailed daily diary is completed describing activities, sleep, nappy changes and food that your child has eaten throughout the day. We understand how important a feeding routine is for babies, which is why we work closely with parents during the weaning process. We will prepare fresh vegetables, purees, and solid foods only in consultation with the parent and provide a record of what, and how much your baby has eaten daily. In kindergarten you need to bring any bottle feeds, nappies, a change of clothes, outdoor clothing & comforter / dummy.


At about 18 months your child will begin the transition into our toddler room and will be allocated a keyworker. By now your child is mobile and enjoying their independence. Social skills are developing and role play begins to play an important part in their interaction and responses. The natural light of the Busy Bees room helps to create an atmosphere that is fresh and stimulating, and the children start to gain a sense of pride in their new abilities, as their own work is displayed prominently around the room.

Under close supervision your child will begin to experience natural materials such as water, sand and play dough. They will also start to experiment with different types of painting and other creative activities such as weaving, moulding and baking. Low level desks and shelving enables your child to access toys, books and computers independently. Home corner is a favourite for role play. Equally important is the quiet corner where children can rest in comfort and have time away from others. Our outdoor facilities start to make a significant contribution to your child’s physical development, as they practice stretching, balancing and coordination skills.

Your child will now start to follow our routine which comprises daily of problem solving in play, solitary play, group play, story time and song time, free play, outdoor play and directed activities designed to help the children accept the disciplines of our community environment. Staff and your child’s keyworker will continue to support your child and encourage development at your child’s own pace so that they reach a confident level of independence. Observations and records of achievement are detailed and shared at parent evenings throughout the year. You need to bring nappies, a change of clothes (additional underwear if potty training), outdoor clothing & comforter / dummy.


At about 3 years old your child will move through into our pre-school room. This is where your child will start to find out more about letters and numbers. All our learning is done in a relaxed way with the emphasis still being on playing and enjoying ourselves. Following the early years goals we aim to prepare your child for school emotionally, physically and socially The room is well resourced with equipment including computers, television, video, construction materials, maths and scientific discovery tools, and books.

The children will be very excited by new challenges, making connections between activities and experiences. They have an increased curiosity, and delight in re-telling their experiences through dance, music, and art. The children now become involved in topical work, and their activities and wall displays provide a satisfying link between all their efforts. Independence is encouraged at this stage with self-chosen activities providing your child with a sense of personal development. Activities are increasingly timetabled to prepare the children for school with writing and counting formally supported via the curriculum. Staff and your child’s keyworker will continue to support your child and encourage development whilst identifying areas where your child may require additional support before starting school. All information is shared with parents and any supportive learning plans are structured in consultation with you. Observations and records of achievement are detailed and shared at parent evenings throughout the year.

At Kiddwinks we are an official provider of the Forest School progamme. Forest schools use the woods and forests as a means to build independence and self-esteem in school-age children. Topics are cross-curriculum supported by the development of personal skills such as teamwork and problem solving. The woodland environment is also used to learn about more abstract concepts such as mathematics and communication. From birds to squirrels, molluscs to myrapods, your children will be captivated as their natural gift for exploration brims over into imagination and discovery. There will be many opportunities for child initiated activities, but we will also include theme driven projects, such as bug hunting, collecting and sorting, observing the seasons, tree rubbing, map making, role play, den making, animal spotting, discovering flora and fauna. You need to bring a change of clothes and outdoor clothing.

Our Team

In order to achieve the necessary standards, not only do we provide well-resourced facilities, but we attract and retain highly trained staff who possess a thorough understanding of children and how they develop and learn. All Kiddiwinks staff:

  • are trained & briefed on the Early Years Foundation Stage
  • have CAF Level 1 training
  • possess Basic Food Hygiene Level 2

All Managers and Nursery Nurses are Level 3, Level 4 and Level 6 qualified with all Nursery Assistants training for their NVQ Level 3 Child Care. At Kiddiwinks we encourage all our staff to engage in a programme of continuous professional development.